Who is BranDimensional?

We’re a team of vetted mutli-dimensional (or often “T-shaped”) professionals who believe that a more holistic view of a business enables brands to grow exponentially more than those that silo the benefits and expertise of their assets. We started out as a content production house and quickly found a need across verticals to offer a full-service consultancy. Our experts’ knowledge and experience spans across areas of data science, product management, creative, marketing, sales, and business operations. 

How We Contribute to Your Goals?

Our goal is to engage your audience across multiple touchpoints…at every stage of your funnel, drive conversions, and build up brand referral networks that will enhance positive attributes and credibility. We position your brand as a trustworthy resource and your products/services as the ones everyone is raving about. We make it our priority to become an extension of your brand to represent competitive advantage in current and emerging markets by staying up on trends and technological developments.

How Do We Work?

Our approach is to optimizing for your bottom line first — that low hanging fruit that enables fast growth and results — while still keeping our eye on the bigger picture to build brand sustainability and loyalty. The connections across channels and mediums allows us opportunities to tell a more comprehensive story and amp up the themes we present to your audience. We live in a multi-dimensional environment of engagement where individuals want to be more immersed and involved with the brands they back. We look for authenticity, commitment and a unique offering that allow us to creatively explore new avenues — not just sticking to best practices — for reaching and converting your audience. We’re not scared of complexity & we love a challlenge!

Accolades & Certifications

BranDimensional - Pendo Product-Led Certified Professionals BranDimensional - Adobe Marketo Certified Practitioners BranDimensional - HubSpot Email Marketing Certified Professionals
BranDimensional - HootSuite Social Marketing Certified ProfessionalsBranDimensional - Pendo Product Analytics Certified ProfessionalsBranDimensional - HootSuite Social Marketing Certified ProfessionalsBranDimensional - Basis Programmatic Strategy 101 Certified Professionals